Producing our vaccines

A modular production process

Saiba Animal Health’s vaccine technology enables the profound successes of monoclonal antibody therapies achieved in humans to be leveraged into cost-effective treatments for companion animals.

SAH’s virus-like particle (VLP) vaccines are composed of a safe and non-replicating virus particle protein scaffold to which multiple copies of a selected disease related target molecule are attached. Production of a Saiba Animal Health vaccine is a modular process. The two components of the vaccine (i.e. VLP and target molecule) are separately produced by recombinant expression and purification techniques, then combined together using a chemical conjugation process. The manufacturing process is economic and can be readily configured to market scale.

Production process for the VLP have been successfully adapted for GMP manufacture. A comprehensive set of analytical methods for process monitoring and product characterization have also been developed. These processes have to be developed for the respective target molecules.