Saiba Animal Health:

A new class of effective & affordable medicine for pets

Saiba Animal Health has developed a novel and innovative vaccine platform that is based on non-infectious virus-like particles in order to treat chronic inflammatory diseases, cancer and allergy in pets.


Saiba Animal Health AG announces a new out-licensing agreement

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Saiba Animal Health’s patented vaccine technology transforms the most recent and effective class of human medicines into a new, effective and affordable class of veterinary medicine.

Our vaccines instruct the pet’s immune system to make target-specific antibodies, which can inhibit any disease-promoting or disease-associated molecules.

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Our team of innovative scientists, veterinarians and businessmen has pioneered and developed expertise and proprietary rights relating to a unique virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine nanotechnology platform.

Saiba Animal Health’s VLP vaccines induce strong, long-lived and highly specific, antibody responses against the disease target, which can inhibit disease-promoting or disease-associated self-proteins.

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Saiba Animal Health has established a high-quality pipeline filled with promising new animal drug candidates that address major unmet needs in veterinary medicine.

Our scientists and network of scientific and veterinary collaborators contribute to our target selection and development focus.

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