Active vaccination

Adapting human therapies for pets

Your pet deserves the latest and most effective medicines. Saiba Animal Health’s vaccine technology platform enables the profound successes of monoclonal antibody therapies achieved in humans and more recently in animals to be leveraged into cost-effective treatments for companion animals.

Saiba Animal Health’s patented vaccine technology transforms the most recent and effective class of human medicines into a new, effective and affordable class of veterinary medicine. Our vaccines are designed to overcome self-tolerance through presentation of disease-associated proteins and peptides on the surface of highly repetitive, immunogenic and non-infectious virus-like nanoparticles.

Saiba Animal Health’s VLP vaccines instruct the pet’s immune system to make target-specific antibodies which can inhibit the key disease-promoting and disease-driving self molecules. Our vaccines have significant advantages over monoclonal antibodies. They do not induce anti-drug antibodies because the patient’s body makes its own antibodies.

The use of therapeutic vaccines can be significantly less expensive than monoclonal antibodies therapies as lower doses (100 -1000 fold less) and less frequent dosing (2 – 3 times compared to 6-12 times per year) are required. That reduces cost of goods and enables more flexible pricing options for pet owners and insurers. That offers significant advantages in convenience and compliance to the consumer.