Saiba Animal Health AG was founded as a spin-off company from the University Zurich in 2013 and is now based in Zurich (Switzerland) and Eschen (Liechtenstein). Today the company Saiba Animal Health is the result of a merger of Saiba Animal Health AG and Saiba Animal Health GmbH which took place to secure exclusive use of Saiba’s Virus-like nanoparticle platform for use in companion animal health.

Saiba Animal Health is establishing a broad and innovative animal health drug pipeline targeting major unmet medical needs in veterinary medicine.

Saiba Animal Health is looking to raise capital to fund ongoing and new R & D activities and form strategic alliances with top-tier companies to advance its pipeline projects and maximize the potential of its platform technology.

We are happy to answer your questions regarding our corporate development and provide financial Information.

We kindly ask you to contact us:

Dr. Gary Jennings
Saiba Animal Health AG
Moussonstrasse 2
CH-8044 Zürich
gary.jenningy@Saiba Animal
Patrik Paulus
Executive Chairman
Saiba Animal Health AG
patrik.paulus@Saiba Animal

Our Development Partner Benchmark Holdings PLC

To develop Saiba Animal Health’s novel idea a further step was taken when it entered into a commercialization, manufacture, and distribution agreement with the U.K. based company Benchmark Holdings PLC.

“We have always looked for synergistic opportunities that require the support of our skill sets, science and technology base, and our production capacity. The combination of Saiba Animal Health’s highly innovative technology with our world-leading manufacturing and distribution experience in the animal health market, make this agreement a ground-breaking next step within the animal medicines and vaccines space.” – MALCOLM PYE, CEO OF BENCHMARK