Infectious Disease

Saiba Animal Health’s VLP platform technologies are also ideally suited for prophylactic vaccine use. Indeed, as a class of medicine, VLP vaccines have been achieved remarkable global success for human and veterinary infectious diseases. Such commercial products include human Hepatitis B virus and Papilloma virus vaccines and a porcine circovirus vaccine.

Saiba Animal Health’s lead project in the field of infectious disease is SAH014, a vaccine for prevention of infection by the virus that causes African Swine fever, a highly contagious and lethal haemorrhagic viral disease of domestic and wild pigs which in the last 13 years, led to the death of 400 million pigs worldwide. In 2020, the EU’s Eurostar program rated our vaccine proposal first amongst 378 applicants and awarded 3 years research funding to advance the project. Lead optimization and candidate selection is progressing.